What is Potion
Potion is a decentralized protocol for the creation of put option contracts based on Black-Scholes pricing.

Key features

POTION ALLOWS YOU TO πŸ“Œ Choose any asset for the option contract πŸ“Œ Choose any strike price for the option contract πŸ“Œ Choose any expiration term for the option contract πŸ“Œ Exercise at any moment during the holding period of a contract πŸ“Œ Have guaranteed exercise via collateral in escrow on-chain
POTION INNOVATIONS πŸ“Œ Perfect pricing based on Black Scholes logic and UMA priceless oracle. πŸ“Œ Single liquidity pool for all assets, strikes and expiries
POWERED BY BLOCKCHAIN πŸ“Œ Non-custodial You hold your keys in your wallet - don't need to rely on a third party to interact with the protocol. πŸ“Œ Decentralized Protocol runs on unstoppable, inmutable Ethereum technology πŸ“Œ On-chain settlement of each option contract guaranteeing transparency
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