What is Potion

Potion is a decentralized protocol for the creation of put option contracts based on Black-Scholes pricing.

Key features

POTION ALLOWS YOU TO 📌 Choose any asset for the option contract 📌 Choose any strike price for the option contract 📌 Choose any expiration term for the option contract 📌 Exercise at any moment during the holding period of a contract 📌 Have guaranteed exercise via collateral in escrow on-chain

POTION INNOVATIONS 📌 Perfect pricing based on Black Scholes logic and UMA priceless oracle. 📌 Single liquidity pool for all assets, strikes and expiries

POWERED BY BLOCKCHAIN 📌 Non-custodial You hold your keys in your wallet - don't need to rely on a third party to interact with the protocol. 📌 Decentralized Protocol runs on unstoppable, inmutable Ethereum technology 📌 On-chain settlement of each option contract guaranteeing transparency

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